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Find all your favorite award-winning Nutt Heads brands in one spot, including Kids Against Maturity, Joke King, Roastmaster, and more!


Joke King

Joke King is a family comic game where being the funniest wins the crown.

Create silly stories by playing illustrated comic book style cards in silly combinations. Kids will have fun creating absurd hijinks while parents and adults equally enjoy the ridiculousness and layered innuendos.

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Roast Master

Ever wanted to roast your friends but just can't find time to write the material? Say no more, fam.

The red fill-in-the-blank cards set up the burn, and the orange cards with ridiculous one-liners deliver the heat. Combine both to roast your friends and make them cry!

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Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity is a fun party game where being the worst is the best.

With limitless, hilarious card combinations, poopy fart humor, and oodles of layered innuendos, this award-winning game will have kids and adults alike rolling with laughter.

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The Awkward Yeti

Family-friendly games created by Nick Seluk the New York Times bestselling author and cartoonist behind The Awkward Yeti and Heart and Brain comics.

Check out our extensive catalog of games including OrganATTACK, Anxiety Attack, and Heart and Brain the Party Game!

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Paco Sako

Paca Sako is peace in a box. This game looks like chess, however, no pieces are taken. Instead, you embrace the other player's pieces and "dance" through the game. Whoever dances with the other player's king first will not only win his heart, but also the game: PACO SAKO!

It's a game that conveys peace, friendship and collaboration.

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