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Heart and Brain – Awkward Yeti


Our friends at the Awkward Yeti created 3 adorable characters that reside inside us all.  The Heart is carefree and fun.  The Brain is calculating and analytical.  The Yeti is irreverent and a bit of a jerk at times.  In this getting-to-know-you quiz game, the rules are simple.  Just match your answer to a question card by laying your Heart, Brain or Yeti card face down in front of you.  If the person reading the question card guesses your answer correctly, they win the round.  So, if you think the best things in life are ________ free (Heart), worked hard for (Brain) or fuzzy (Yeti) this is the game for you and your peeps.  Great for family get togethers, game night with friends or even a party with a bunch of strangers.  For ages 8+, 2-8 players.