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Roast Master


30 - 90 Minutes
3+ Players

Prepare to get burned!  Roast and be roasted with card combos ranging from the uproariously ridiculous to the brutally specific.  This savagely-hilarious party game is for adults only and not for the faint of heart.  Can you take it as well as you can dish it?

  • For players 17+.
  • Jam-packed with 3rd-degree insults to make your friends cry.
  • Combine Red Setup cards with Yellow Punchline cards to create vicious burns.
  • Game includes 200 Red Setup Cards and 400 Yellow Punchline Cards.


    Full Game Description

    About this item

    • BECOME A ROAST MASTER: Ever wanted to roast your friends, but you just can’t find the right line? Say no more, we got you! This hilarious card game is designed to roast your friends and watch them burn. Just the best party game for young adults!
    • THE RULES ARE SIMPLE The red cards set up the burn, and the yellow cards deliver the heat. Combine the red and yellow cards to roast your friends with much ease and without shame!
    • 600 CARDS: With millions of combinations! For maximum unpredictability, do not forget to shuffle the cards.
    • BE PREPARED: We’ve created 3RD degree insults to make your friends cry! But can you take a joke? This card game is for young adults or older, who can laugh at themselves and take some heat!!
    • BRING IT ON: Are you ready to roast your friends? Get ready for some party fun, with our new hilarious card game for grown ups!
    • When you’re looking for an adult card game for your adult game night or an adult fun game that’s also a hilarious party game, look no further than Roast Master. When looking for cards games for teens use discretion as this game is for 17+. Whether this is a game for teens 16-18 or teen card games for ages 14-18 it is not intended for those under 17. It is great for campfire games but not recommended as a drinking game.

    how to play

    Let the Roast begin!  Each player is dealt 3 Red Setup Cards and 5 Yellow Punchline Cards.

    Bring it on

    Each player takes turns being the Roastee.  This unfortunate soul then waits for the hammer to drop as the other players assemble card combos to create vicious burns.

    turn up the heat

    The Red Cards set up the burn and the Yellow Cards deliver the heat.  Not a fan of your hand?  Cards can be swapped for new ones at the end of each round.

    how to win

    The Roastee picks the burn that “hurt so good” as the winner of the round.  First to win 5 rounds is declared the Roast Master!