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Cheesy Heist


A mischievous card game of cheese, cats and mice! Players bluff, sabotage and steal from each other to be the first to collect 5 Cheese cards. But beware! A Cat card makes everyone drop their cards, allowing them to be stolen, and that’s when the real heist begins!

  • For 3-5 players ages 7+
  • The beautifully designed, high quality, box stands on its own and is satisfying to open.
  • The box contains 75 vintage-inspired cards and 1 rule set.
  • Great for gaming on the go!
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How To Play

Shuffle the deck and deal 5 cards to each player.  Place the remaining deck face down to form a draw pile, leaving a space next to it for a discard pile.  It’s as easy as that!


Collect cheese, action, defense and mirage cards to undermine your opponents and avoid the cat.  Use attack cards to steal from players and defense cards to block a cat attack.

Watch out for cat chaos!

When a cat card is played by any player, every player must place all of their cards face down in front of them.  Then each player takes turns collecting everyone's dropped cards.

How to win

Be the first to collect 5 Cheese cards, get rid of all Cat cards from your hand and you’re the winner!