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Paco Sako - Peace Chess


Paco Sako looks like chess, but the gameplay and strategy are like no other.  Merge your pieces with your opponent’s to form decisive unions and set up unpredictable chain reactions.  The first player to form a union with their opponent’s king, wins! 

  • The world’s greatest chess variant for ages 6+.
  • Box includes game pieces, a 4-fold-board, instructions and a lush travel bag.
  • Great for novices and grand masters alike.
  • The classic movements of chess in a game like no other.

getting started

The board and pieces are set up just like normal chess, but in Paco Sako no pieces ever leave the board.  Instead of capturing a piece you form a union that both opponents can move.


Create unions, move unions, and take them over.  Replace your piece in a union to set it free and create a chain reaction!

Make a chain reaction

Chain reactions occur when one piece, freed from a union, moves into another union to free yet another piece and so on.  This creates a completely new strategic dynamic that keeps the game exciting until the very last move.

how to win!

Move unions to set up unpredictable chain reactions and loops.  Whoever creates a union with the other player’s king first wins!