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House Pets Vs. Aliens - The Awkward Yeti


The world’s toughest House Pets must defend Earth from an impending Alien invasion!  House Pets vs Aliens is simple, family-friendly, fast-paced, strategic, and FUN!  The decks are filled with funny and fierce artwork from the mind of the Awkward Yeti™.

  • From the creator of the New York Times bestselling Heart and Brain comic series.
  • Players flip numbered fighter cards simultaneously to battle for victory.
  • Battle as House Pets, Aliens, House Plants or Robots.
  • Game includes: 1 Battle Deck and 4 Fighter Decks

    How To Play

    Each player chooses a fighter deck: House Pets, Aliens, House Plants or Robots.  5 Battle cards are dealt to each player and the battle is ready to begin!


    All fighters have a value from 1 to 10, get as close to 10 without going over to win the round and take your opponents fighters prisoner.

    a tactical move!

    Use Battle cards to manipulate the value of the cards played, to steal cards or to sabotage your opponent.  If a tie is reached the players must duel to break the tie.

    how to win

    Win rounds and duels to take your enemies prisoner.  Once a player has depleted their deck, everyone counts their prisoner cards.  The person with the most prisoner cards wins the game!