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Kid's Against Maturity - Let's Go!


Get your potty humor on the go with this stand-alone travel version of Kids Against Maturity.  Family road trips and vacations will never be the same again!

  • Easy to learn and great on the go for ages 10+.
  • The first player to be awarded 5 funniest answers, WINS!
  • Fun for kids and adults alike, no matter where you play.
  • Game includes:  50 question cards and 150 answer cards.

    getting started

    Deal everyone 10 white answer cards that they’ll use to respond to question cards.  Begin each round by having a player read a blue question card aloud to the group.


    Players will choose the funniest answer card in their hand to submit face down to the reader.  The reader will select the winner by picking the most amusing answer card, and that player wins the hand. 

    laughs on the go!

    Family vacations will never be the same again with limitless, hilarious card combinations!

    how to win

    The first player to be awarded 5 hands wins the game!  No matter the age, EVERYONE wins with laughter.