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Joke King


From the creators of Kids Against Maturity, Joke King continues the story of the KAM FAM in a gut-busting game of comic strip creation. The whole family will laugh their way through crafting absurdly funny scenarios and ridiculous layered innuendos to be crowned the JOKE KING!

  • An easy to learn game for ages 10+.
  • Learn storytelling while creating and completing hilarious comic strips.
  • 5 ways to play: Jester’s Jewels, 4 Play,  the Royal Relay, the Double Cross, and the Triple Flusher.
  • Game includes: 4 character cards with alternate ways to play, 1 Joke King crown and 600 illustrated comic panel cards.



    Full Game Description

    About Joke King

    • GREAT PARTY GAME FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS - From the creators of the award winning family game Kids Against Maturity, Joke King continues the story of the KAM FAM in a gut-busting game of comic strip creation. Kids will laugh their way through crafting absurdly funny scenarios while adults will enjoy the ridiculousness and layered innuendos. Create the funniest card combination and be crowned the JOKE KING!
    • PLAY IT ANY TIME ANY PLACE - One game set includes 600 question and answer cards and a handy box to store it all. It’s portable and a take anywhere size game. Become an instant champion while camping, sleepovers, game nights, family gatherings, summer camp, plane trips and more!
    • 600 UNIQUELY HILARIOUS ILLUSTRATED CARDS - Unlike other fill-in-the-blank card games each of the 600 illustrated cards are building blocks of buffoonery. Featuring popular characters from Kids Against Maturity these illustrated cards tell the story of this hilariously dysfunctional family. The illustrations feature pop culture to potty humor and everything in between.
    • 5 AMAZING WAYS TO PLAY - In the main game Jester’s Jewels, everyone submits a card to complete a comic strip in the funniest way possible. Additionally, other game types such as the Triple Flusher or 4-Play allow players to each submit their own completed 3 or 4 panel strip for maximum laugh potential. The Double Cross challenges all players to be the first to lay down all of their cards while creating criss-crossed comedic combinations. For the greatest feat in funniness the Royal Relay continues the comic strip in each direction, stretching the silliness to the limits of your imagination.
    • OBLIGATORY WARNING – Humorless hover-parents and those who don’t appreciate flatulence jokes, may not approve. PLEASE REMOVE ANY CARD THAT YOU DON’T APPROVE OF. One thing is for sure; just like other tabletop board games, it’ll get your kids away from their phones, tablets, Fortnite, and other electronic devices for at least 30-90 min. Unplug together!
    How To Play

    Watch How To

    How to play

    Begin by dealing everyone 10 cards.  Whoever deals the cards is the first to wear the crown.  This person’s job is to choose the funniest card at the end of the round.


    The crown wearer flips one card from the deck face up for everyone to see.  They then choose a card from their hand to place, face up, before or after the first card, creating 2 panels of a comic strip.

    Hilarious comic fun!

    Everyone chooses the funniest card in their hand to place either at the beginning or end of the comic strip to complete it in the most hilarious way.

    how to win!

    The crown wearer flips over and reads the submitted cards and choses a winner.   The first player to win 5 rounds is crowned the Joke King!