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Forbes magazine has featured Kids Against Maturity as one of

The 15 Best Board Games For Kids Of All Ages


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You’ll notice that the name of the award-winning game Kids Against Maturity is inspired by the extremely non-kid-friendly Cards Against Humanity (which I recommend for post-bedtime laughs), but don’t worry, this deck doesn’t include any cards that read “[redacted]” or “[redacted].” (That said, Kids Against Maturity’s website jokes that “Humorless hover-parents and those who don’t appreciate flatulence jokes may not approve.”) And yes, there are quite a few poop and fart jokes involved in this one, but rarely have I see a group of kids laugh so hard as when they’re playing Kids Against Maturity.

This simple game requires a player to draw a Question card and the remaining players to each choose one of their randomly dealt Answer cards. The Question asker chooses the funniest Answer card, which is given to the player who chose it, and at the end of the game, the person with the most is the winner. Kids Against Maturity is recommended for players age “10 to 110.” - Forbes Magazine