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Limited Edition: House Pets vs Aliens Game

$14.99 $29.99

The Ultimate Family Game for Imaginative Play Ages 5+

Dive into a world of whimsical adventure with "House Pets Vs Aliens," the latest offering from The Awkward Yeti Games. This vibrant and engaging game is perfect for children aged 5 and up, offering a unique twist on the classic game of war with robots, aliens, and of course kittens! Stunning visuals that will captivate the whole family.

Special Holiday Gift Box Edition: Durable and Delightful!

Our special holiday edition comes in a robust gift box, designed to withstand the enthusiastic energy of a house full of kids. The box's charming design and durable construction ensure that it not only stores your game safely but also adds a festive touch to your family’s game collection.

Game Features:

  • Vibrant and Engaging: Each card in "House Pets Vs Aliens" is a visual delight, featuring the whimsical art style synonymous with The Awkward Yeti. The stunning, colorful illustrations are sure to engage and fascinate players of all ages.
  • Family-Friendly Fun: Specifically designed for children aged 5 and up, the game is easy to learn and play, making it perfect for young gamers and families looking to spend quality time together. Works on Math Skills.
  • Creative and Imaginative Gameplay: Players will love the imaginative scenarios as house pets take on quirky aliens in amusing and unexpected ways. This game sparks creativity and laughter in every round.
  • Perfect for Game Nights: Whether it's a cozy family evening or a playful gathering with friends, "House Pets Vs Aliens" is the ideal game to bring everyone together for hours of entertainment.
  • Quality and Durability: We understand that family games need to be as sturdy as they are fun. Our special holiday gift box is crafted to endure the rigors of family playtime, ensuring your game stays intact and ready for the next round of fun.

Bring Home the Fun This Holiday Season!

"House Pets Vs Aliens" is more than just a game; it's an invitation to join a playful and imaginative universe. It’s the perfect holiday gift for kids and families who love to laugh, play, and embark on creative adventures together.

How To Play

Each player chooses a fighter deck: House Pets, Aliens, House Plants or Robots.  5 Battle cards are dealt to each player and the battle is ready to begin!


All fighters have a value from 1 to 10, get as close to 10 without going over to win the round and take your opponents fighters prisoner.

a tactical move!

Use Battle cards to manipulate the value of the cards played, to steal cards or to sabotage your opponent.  If a tie is reached the players must duel to break the tie.

how to win

Win rounds and duels to take your enemies prisoner.  Once a player has depleted their deck, everyone counts their prisoner cards.  The person with the most prisoner cards wins the game!