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Anger Smash


Tension, cooperation, sabotage and bluffing!  Race to build sets of anger and zen cards while playing chaos inducing disruptor cards or blood boiler cards to enrage your opponent.  With strategy and a little bit of luck you can win Anger Smash, the viciously addictive card game!

  • Cards emblazoned with hysterically edgy artwork.
  • Find balance and keep your cool collecting anger and zen cards.
  • Use blood boiler cards to steal cards from your opponents.
  • Use disruptor cards to cheat, sabotage and change the odds to your favor.

How To Play

Remove the red-backed action cards and with the remaining deck, deal each player 8 cards. Shuffle the action cards back into the deck and create a draw pile.  Players arrange their cards face up and place any matching cards into groups for all players to see.


Each player is trying to find balance by collecting matching sets of zen and anger cards.  Play blood boiler cards to steal from an opponent or throw off their game by playing disruptor cards.

hide your secret weapons!

Cards drawn during a turn are placed up for all to see, except for the action cards.  These cards are your secret weapons, once you have read them, place them face down.

How to win

Use the action cards wisely to rob and disrupt your opponent.  The first to collect 4 matching anger and 4 matching zen cards is the winner!