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How Am I Weird?


The go-to party game for the weird and wonderful!  Life Cards set up a scenario, Comeback Cards are filled with kooky reactions and the Weirdo Card allows you to create an abnormal answer of your very own.  Release your inner weirdo and take game night to the next level of hilarious fun!

  • For 2-11 players aged 14+
  • A great gift for any weirdo in your life.
  • The high quality How Am I Weird box is a striking addition to any gaming shelf.
  • The Weirdo Card allows creativity and hysterically fun.

How To Play

All players are dealt 8 Comeback Cards and choose 1 of the 10 Weirdo Cards.  Players take turns being the Big Weird Chief. 


Each round, the Big Weird Chief will take a card from the Life Card deck and read it aloud.  All other players will play a Comeback Card that reacts to that life scenario in the weirdest and funniest way possible.

Let loose your inner weirdo!

The Weirdo Card can be played as many times as a player wishes, allowing players to express their inner weirdo to their heart’s content.

How to win

With each round won, the winning player will be awarded the Life Card read during that round.  The player with the most Life Cards at the end of the game is the winner!